ECRR Mission and Goals

The ECRR is a European network based on a framework of national networks (national centres for river restoration) whose mission is to enhance and promote river restoration and sustainable river management throughout Europe, to disseminate information on river restoration experiences and approaches and to foster the establishment of national river restoration networks in as many European countries as possible. It shares the same goals of many river restoration national centres, but it acts at the international level, as a "network of networks".

The ECRR promotes river restoration mainly through:

  • its internet website (;
  • publications;
  • newsletters;
  • international conferences;
  • thematic workshops;
  • field trips;
  • observer/representation role in international fora;


To support the development of river restoration as an integral part of sustainable water management throughout Europe, by:

  • encouraging and improving confidence in promoting and implementing river restoration;
  • increasing the knowledge on river restoration schemes and techniques;
  • improving European access to, and exchange of information from worldwide experience in river restoration;
  • obtaining healthier river ecosystems, greater biodiversity, better water quality and flood management;
  • gaining greater benefits from river restoration projects, through better knowledge and increased evaluation of projects success;
  • facilitating and encouraging the establishment of national river restoration centres in all European countries.