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This page gathers the most interesting case studies, best practices and other relevant studies on River Restoration in Europe. Feel free to download the publications and share them among your network.

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Development of flood management strategies for the Rhine and Meuse basins in the context of integrate river management

The study leading to this report aimed to fill one of the identified knowledge gaps with respect to flood risk management, and was therefore incorporated in the IRMA-SPONGE Umbrella Program.

It is the largest and most comprehensive effort of its kind in Europe, bringing together more than 30 European scientific and management organisations in 13 scientific projects researching a wide range of flood risk management issues along the Rivers Rhine and Meuse.


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ECRR film 6th World Water Forum

Presentation in English by DLG at the World Water Forum 2012


Presentatie tijdens World Water Forum 2012 betreffende praktijkervaringen die we in Nederland hebben opgedaan, en de specifieke rol van DLG.


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Restoration of River and Floodplains in Bavaria

The floods in 1999 and 2002 hit many countries in middle Europe and also parts of Bavaria. The state of Bavaria developed 2003 the "Action program 2020, flood control in Bavaria". The program covers natural flood retention technical flood protection (by dams, dikes, etc.) flood prevention (like flood warning, etc...). The program will spend more than 2 billions € till 2020 to reduce the risks by flooding.


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Fish Passage at Small-hydro Sites

This study reviews downstream and upstream migration systems for of small hydropower development, as well as related monitoring activities.

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Policy paper WFD and Hydro-morphological pressures

The Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60/EC) of the European Parliament and the Council established a framework for European Community action in the field of water policy. The Directive sets a framework for the protection of all waters with the one main goal of reaching a "good status" of all Community waters by 2015.


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Lowland River Rehabilitation 2003

The Netherlands Centre for River Studies and RIZA, the Institute for Inland Water Management and Waste Water Treatment hosted an international conference on lowland river rehabilitation (Wageningen, the Netherlands, September 29 - October 2, 2003).

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Stream Corridor Restoration: Principles, Processes and Practices (1998)

This document is a result of an unprecedented cooperative effort among fifteen Federal agencies and partners to produce a common reference on stream corridor restoration. It responds to a growing national and international public interest in restoring stream corridors. Increasingly, feature articles, case studies, and published papers focus on stream corridors as critical ecosystems in our living environment.

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Workshop Land use

This presentation is a workshop on land use; the integration of river restoration in land use planning and policies.

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