Publications on River Restoration in Europe

This page gathers the most interesting case studies, best practices and other relevant studies on River Restoration in Europe. Feel free to download the publications and share them among your network.

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Aims and Scope

Urban riverbanks are attractive locations and highly prized recreational environments. The designs of urban river landscapes must fulfill a broad range of requirements: flood control, open space design, and ecology are as a rule the three dominant themes, and they must often be reconciled within a very restricted space. The river must be understood as a process: governed by changing water levels, shifting seasons, erosion, and sedimentation, the river environment is not a static entity but constantly changing—the design must be flexible and take this into account.

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Keeping Rivers Cool

This guidance has been produced by the Environment Agency (England and Wales) to support the creation of shade over rivers using riparian trees and vegetation. The focus is on maintaining suitable freshwater habitat for salmon and brown trout populations that we expect to be at risk from the effects of climate change.

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Using Science to Create a Better Place

This report outlines the background, methods, findings and recommendations from a study into the application of ecosystem services in two case studies: the Tamar catchment and the Alkborough Flats managed realignment site. Both case studies were on historical schemes, acknowledging that further benefit could be derived from the ecosystems approach applied proactively to schemes in the planning or inception stage in order more effectively to engage appropriate stakeholders, frame problems, explore alternative solutions and agree priorities.

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Green games


Eight kilometres of river restored, 4,000 homes protected from flood and two million tonnes of soil decontaminated - it has been a busy time for us in the run up to the Olympics!

Over the last eight years the Environment Agency has worked with the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), the London Development Agency and other partners to transform a neglected, run down corner of East London into the largest urban park created in Europe for more than 100 years.


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Rural sustainable drainage systems

Produced in partnership by Environment Agency (UK) the report explores different options for farmers and land managers to build sustainable drainage systems on their land, to help reduce the risk of flooding and water pollution. 

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Fish Pass Design for eel and elvers (Anguilla anguilla)

The overall aim of this study is to produce design criteria and best practice designs for eel and elver passes. This Technical Report uses a review of eel biology and existing installations to develop design criteria for passage facilities for eels and elvers. It should be read in association with the Manual which sets out specific design criteria for eel and elver passes.

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