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This page gathers the most interesting case studies, best practices and other relevant studies on River Restoration in Europe. Feel free to download the publications and share them among your network.

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Flood risks and environmental vulnerability

This EEA report focuses on the role of floodplains in flood protection, water management, nature protection or agriculture and the impact of hydromorphological alterations on the ecosystem services that floodplains provide. 

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SEE River Toolkit for facilitating cross sectoral management of river corridors

The SEE River Project sucessfully developed the SEE River Toolkit, a generally applicable model and guidance how to reach common agreement on river management for the harmonisation of both - development and conservation interests. It is an innovative tool, based on local and international experience that outlines a new direction and represents a good basis for the future sustainable use of river corridors.

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6th European River Restoration Conference report

Special edition newsletter presents a selection of the conference workshop sessio, keynote speaches, panel discussions, field excursions and River Talk interviews.

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B3 EU Policy Drivers for River Restoration

This report forms Action B3, part of the RESTORE project’s communication activities. The purpose is to share knowledge and experience that will be of value to all partners and stakeholders and to inform future policy debate.This report sets out the key drivers and EU legislation and policies that have led to a need to call upon the toolkit for more complex and integrated forms of floodplain and catchment river restoration. It specifically identifies the most significant barriers and constraints that need to be overcome in EU Member States. Examples of good practice are also referenced to facilitate an exchange of information between stakeholders within and across different Member States.


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Water Management and Spatial Planning in the Netherlands

This brochure describes the organisation of the Dutch water management, and how it is incorporated into spatial planning.

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Territorial cohesion and water management in Europe: the spatial perspective

This report considers the links between water management in the EU — especially the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) — and territorial cohesion (1), in the perspective of spatial analysis (2) and spatial planning (3).
It looks at the role of spatial analysis and planning for the implementation of the Directive as well as related provisions such as the Floods Directive and the development and implementation of River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs).
It considers links between Regional Policy (4) and water management in the EU, including the lessons from a spatial perspective.
It further looks at cross‑country cooperation, a key element of both the WFD and territorial cohesion and finally considers future challenges for implementation of the Directive and the development of RBMPs, in particular considering the spatial context.


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Greening the European Cohesion Policy

Cohesion policy will represent over one third of the Budget of the European Union between 2014-2020. Intelligently investing cohesion funds can help restore the environment, create employment and rejuvenate the local economy at the same time.

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Policy and Economic Analysis of Floodplain Restoration in Europe

Emerging from the project ‘Wise Use of Floodplains – a demonstration of techniques to evaluate and plan floodplain restoration’, this paper presents the results of an analysis of all WWF river and floodplain restoration projects in Europe during the last ten years.  Major constraints and ‘lessons learned’ are summarized, and illustrated with case studies.

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Submission on Policy Options for the Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s waters

RESTORE and several partners with an interest in European water policy made the following submission to the European Commission's Consultation on Policy Options for the Blueprint to Safeguard Europe's waters. We highlight the importance of river restoration and green infrastructure for improving the health of Europe's waters and the role our networks can play in achieving these goals.

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Recommendations for developing cantonal conservation and exploitation strategies for small hydropower plants

 The cost-covering feed-in remuneration for electricty from renewable sources has stimulated numerous projects for small hydropower plants in Switzerland which must be assessed in terms of electricity generation, water protection and landscape conservation. These implementation recommendations are inteded to support the cantons in this task. They contain ecological, energetic and economic criteria which should be considered when balancing the conservation and exploitation interests.


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