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Reopening of a section of the River Bièvre in an urban environment

The River Bièvre rises near Guyancourt in the Yvelines département and is 36 kilometres in length.

It flows into the Seine in the 13th arrondissement (district) of Paris. Since the 11th century, its 200 km² catchment area has been very heavily modified.


 Numerous mills were built along

its course, which led to the straightening of the

river. Increasing urbanisation and the establishment

of industrial and craft activities (butcher’s

shops, tanneries and leather dressing factories)

along the Bièvre transformed it into an “open

sewer”. Starting in the 18th century, the river

was gradually culverted. In Paris, the culverting

works took place at intervals, from reach to

reach, between 1877 and 1935. Culverting then

continued upstream from Paris. Today, 11 km are

canalised under slabs and 5 km have disappeared

under rubble and urbanisation in Paris.

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