Publications on River Restoration in Europe

This page gathers the most interesting case studies, best practices and other relevant studies on River Restoration in Europe. Feel free to download the publications and share them among your network.

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Submission on Policy Options for the Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s waters

RESTORE and several partners with an interest in European water policy made the following submission to the European Commission's Consultation on Policy Options for the Blueprint to Safeguard Europe's waters. We highlight the importance of river restoration and green infrastructure for improving the health of Europe's waters and the role our networks can play in achieving these goals.


At the end of 2012, the European Commission will release a Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources. The Blueprint will assess the current status of EU water policy and identify ways to improve the health of Europe’s water environment. RESTORE along with partners Wetlands International,REFORMECRRRRC and FACE made the following submission as part of the public consultation process, based on our analysis of the background document.

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