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River Weirs - Good Practice Guide

This guide aims to provide advice and guidance to all parties engaged in the planning, design, construction and improvement of weirs, so as to ensure that mistakes are avoided and opportunities are not missed. It is also relevant to those involved in operation and maintenance.

The guide does not attempt to be a technical treatise. It is what it says on the cover – a guide to good practice, with the aim of pointing the reader in the right direction and warning of pitfalls on the way.


The guide is divided into two main sections. Section A is intended to give a quick overview of the subject for the reader, or for someone who does not need to delve into the detail. Section B provides more comprehensive guidance, but stops short of textbook detail. The Appendices include a large section on case studies, well illustrated with photographs, which are mainly intended to give the reader ideas of what can be achieved.

For readers in a hurry, there is (in Appendix B) a checklist that indicates all the issues that need to be considered in the process of planning works on weirs.

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