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National Experience in the field of ensuring migration of fish fauna

Currently on a global scale, connectivity is recognised as a fundamental property of all ecosystems, the hydrological connectivity being emphasised because this is indubitably the main characteristic of all riparian ecosystems.

 Removal or reduction of barriers to fish migration is an important element in the proper management of migratory fish in rivers. In many countries there are laws that ensure the free migration of fish and which require the fish migration passages, regardless of obstacles. After joining the EU, Romania has harmonised its legislation with the Community legislation and transposed the EU environmental directives.
The concerns about the longitudinal connectivity of rivers restoration problem, and the restoration of rivers affected by hydromorphological pressures are topics of great interest in Europe. In order to do this it is essential to identify possible measures to restore longitudinal connectivity of water courses.


In Romania, the need to provide lateral and longitudinal connectivity of water courses and fish migration was imposed by the implementation of the Water Framework Directive 60/2000.It was transposed into national legislation by the Water Law, and is a necessary hydromorphological quality element of river basins management plans. Water Law. 107, as previously amended and supplemented (OUG no. 3/2010) stipulates in article 53 p (4) that barring works for watercourses must be provided, where appropriate, with constructions for the migration of ichthyofauna in order to achieve good water status, and at art. 87 p 39) specifies that the absence at damming works of water courses of the facilities that ensure downstream migration of fish fauna is a contravention in the water field.

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