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Benefits of European River Restoration Schemes

The analysis has been carried out through a review of existing databases, including the LIFE+ RESTORE wiki, the FP7 REFORM wiki, and some national databases. This report aims to underpin the replication of successful river restoration initiatives across the regions and to give suggestions on how to improve the way that European water policy can be implemented.

Benefits of European River Restoration Schemes.pdf


River restoration refers to ecological, physical, spatial, and management measures and practices aimed at restoring a more natural state and functioning of the river system in support of biodiversity and of several key ecosystem services, such as flood and drought risk mitigation, aquifer recharge, nutrient retention, recreation. River restoration is an integral part of sustainable water management and directly supports the aims of the Water Framework Directive, as well as of national and regional water management policies.

Two main drivers often trigger river restoration measures, namely improving the ecological status of water bodies and biodiversity, and reducing flood risk. However, evidence of the effects of River Restoration measures in relation to both these objectives ("integrated restoration measures") is still limited. The goals of this review have been to confirm whether tangible examples of "integrated restoration" are available for all the main categories of such measures and to verify to what extent evidence of effects and benefits is available. Rather than being exhaustive, this review aims at fostering the discussion on measures for integrated restoration.

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