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This page gathers the most interesting case studies, best practices and other relevant studies on River Restoration in Europe. Feel free to download the publications and share them among your network.

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Report: Scientific/Practical Symposium 'Clean Water of Russia'.

On April 18 - 20, more than 20 sessions were held in the XIV Symposium 'Clean Water of Russia' organised by Research Institute RosNIIVH with the support of the Federal Agency for Waer Resources and the Ministry of Natural Reources and Ecology of the Sverlovsk Region. The symposium took place in Ekaterinburg at the Ekaterinburg-EXPO Exhibition Center. Within this framework the meeting representatives of the scientific community, business and governement discussed the actual issues of implementation of the Water Startegy of the Russian Federation.

The Symposium in 2017 coincided with the year of Ecology in Russia. Therfore the symposium was traced with the 'red thread' issues of environmental safety, solving problems of natural resources protection and improvement of the environmental quality. An important session was the workshop 'Ecological rehabilitation and restoration of waters' with participation of the European Centre for River Restoration by some representatives of the Board of this organisation.

Download: Symposium Resolution Final.pdf

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Proceedings of the International Conference on River and Stream Restoration "Novel Approaches to Assess and Rehabilitate Modified Rivers".

The proceedings contain the extended summaries of nearly all keynotes and oral presentations. They are preceeded by a description of the scope of the conference, feedback from the advisory and visual impression of the conference.

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Past ECRR events

Please go to the Past ECRR events page for an overview of all conferences, seminars, field trips, etc. that the ECRR organised.

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5th European River Restoration Conference report

This special edition newsletter presents a selection of the conference workshop sessions, the keynote speech by the EU commissioner for the environment, mr Janez Potočnik, the launch of the ECRR Community of Practice of 5 pilot river basin catchments, the interview with EU Water Director mr Peter Gammeltoft, and a panel discussion with representatives of various sectors.

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Historic Meeting Held on the Danube Salmon (Hucho hucho): The Largest Salmon in the World

The Danube Salmon is the largest in the world. This article from the Freshwater Fish Specialist Group, highlights the proceedings of the latest meeting of the 50 specialists who are dedicated to understanding the biology and current threatened status of this important fish.

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This position paper provides background information on the current state of the urban river corridors in the Sheffield conurbation, as well as policies, strategies and plans for future development. It provides an introduction to the full range of issues affecting and affected by the river corridors, in order to inform the development of the URSULA project.


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Lowland River Rehabilitation 2003

The Netherlands Centre for River Studies and RIZA, the Institute for Inland Water Management and Waste Water Treatment hosted an international conference on lowland river rehabilitation (Wageningen, the Netherlands, September 29 - October 2, 2003).

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Elements of Good Practice in Integrated River Basin Management

This document presents the principal outputs of the 'Water Seminar Series', with a focus on integrated river basin management, the central requirement of the WFD. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to all aspects of WFD implementation, but rather to provide clear, concise and practical information on the issues listed above.

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