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This page gathers the most interesting case studies, best practices and other relevant studies on River Restoration in Europe. Feel free to download the publications and share them among your network.

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Presentations on river restoration and WFD implementation

To the occasion of the ECRR General Members Meeting a mini-symposium was organised by STOWA the National Centre for Stream and River Restoration in the Netherlands. The general theme was 'River restoration & WFD implementation'. An European and 4 national views from this perspective were presented to the 50 participants of the symposium in the morning, followed by a field exscursion in the afternoon.

OpeningPresentationGMM2018 ErnestdeGrootSTOWA.pdf

ECRRViewonRiverRestorationandWFDimplementation MartinJanes ECRRTheRRC.pdf

SystemAnalysisasbasisforriverrestoration BasvanderWalSTOWA.pdf


Enhancedriverrestoration&WFDimplementationNorway AndersIversenNorway.pdf

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Restoration of river continuity: model initiatives across France and Europe.

Summarry  of a day workshop organised by the French Agency for Biodiversity on 9 November 2017 in the Paris region (Ile-de-France), with the Yvette valley hydraulic-development syndicate (SIAHVY) and the regional nature park of the upper Chevreuse valley during the 1st European Centre for River Restoration General Members' Meeting held in France.

Download: Restoration of river continuty:.pdf

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Jokien kunnostus Euroopassa: mahdollisuuksien taide

RESTORE Layman's Report: Finnish translation

RESTORE -projektin loppuraportti:LIFE09/INF/UK000032

RESTORE –hankkeen loppuraportti ei ole pelkästään yhden projektin raportti, vaan se on tavoitteita esittävä ohjelma, jossa kerrotaan RESTORE-projektin saavutuksista ja luodaan silmäys RESTORE-projektin jälkeiseen aikaan. Siinä painotetaan tärkeitä poliittisia ja teknisiä haasteita, jotka on vielä ratkaistava jokien kunnostuksen eteenpäin viemiseksi.

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RESTORE het layman’s report: LIFE09/INF/UK000032

RESTORE's Layman's Report has been translated into Dutch: Rivierherstel in Europa: de kunst van wat

Het RESTORE layman’s report is meer dan een projectrapport, het is een document dat op basis van de resultaten van RESTORE een aantal belangrijke agendapunten naar voren brengt. Het rapport gaat ook over de tijd na RESTORE en bekijkt de belangrijke uitdagingen inzake het beleid en de technische problemen die nog steeds overwonnen moeten worden om rivierherstel te bevorderen.

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Belgium river restoration case studies video

Video presentation in Brussels exploring the benefits of natural river restoration: Overview of the RESTORE project and two case study presentations from Belgium.

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Alpine Hydroelectric Power Plants and their "Long-range Effects" on Downstream Waters

 Alpine hydroelectric power plants not only affect the local waters, but also streams and lakes that lie far downstream. The transport of suspended solids, for example, is significantly reduced below reservoirs, which affects the oxygen content of lower lying lakes. Apart from suspended solids, reservoirs also retain nutrients. Download the full article

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ECRR film 6th World Water Forum

Presentation in English by DLG at the World Water Forum 2012


Presentatie tijdens World Water Forum 2012 betreffende praktijkervaringen die we in Nederland hebben opgedaan, en de specifieke rol van DLG.


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Australian River Restoration Centre (ARRC) publications available

Australian River Restoration Centre (ARRC) pubblications are now available on the ARRC website.

Each management issue has a range of publications – from fact sheets through to guidelines and scientific references (if you know the title of the publication use the search function to go straight to it).
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The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB)

The TEEB study is a major international initiative to draw attention to the global economic benefits of biodiversity, to highlight the growing costs of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation, and to draw together expertise from the fields of science, economics and policy to enable practical actions moving forward.

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Workshop Land use

This presentation is a workshop on land use; the integration of river restoration in land use planning and policies.

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