River Restoration Seminar 2011, Ljubljana Slovenia

Forging Targets and Solutions for Rivers and Water Ecosystem Restoration

The seminar “Forging Targets and Solutions for Rivers and Water Ecosystem Restoration” was held in Ljubljana from 16-18 November 2011. Over 100 participants from 27 countries, from everywhere between Uzbekistan and Portugal, attended. Participants engaged in interactive sessions, and visited two sites in a field trip.

The seminar offered the participants the opportunity to influence the European targets of the 6th World Water Forum of March 2012. In two interactive rounds of four workshops, participants actively engaged their invaluable knowledge and expertise to help develop new knowledge and know-how on rivers hydro-morphology, restoration and protection of water ecosystems.


Key notes

    Neveu G. ECRR, Towards World Water Solutions
    Fokkens B., ECRR, Forging targets and solutions for rivers and water ecosystem restoration
    Komatina D. ISRBC, Integrated RBM The case of Sava River RBM
    Balusheva G. MOEW, Protection and restoration of water ecosystems in Bulgaria


Workshop Introductions

Land use:

    Moen H. DLG, Apply land use planning, land development and land banking as tools for River Restoration

Best practices (session of the RESTORE partnership):

    Scarr A. UK EA, River Restoration Best Practices

Public education:

    Zupan Martina, GWP workshop 3 public education


    Improve the link between tourism development and quality of water ecosystems
    Gaucherand S. CEMAGREF, Tourism and wetland management
    Beltram G. Park Škocjanske jame, Sustainable Tourism and Wetland Management


Workshop Reports

Land use:

    Hil Kuypers, DLG, report workshop land use

Public education:

    Public education

The ECRR would like to express its gratitude to fellow organizers RESTORE, ONEMA, EWA, INBO, WI and, maybe above all, IzVRS, the Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia.