Environmental improvements & case studies

River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs) identify which environmental improvements need to be undertaken in specific water bodies. These environmental improvements are grouped into similar activities.

There are at least 3 case study examples for each environmental improvement, which demonstrate how it could be implemented. These case studies can be found by clicking links to the left or by viewing each environmental improvement by group (below).

When you click on each of the environmental improvements listed on the left there will also be an explanation of what the environmental improvement involves, including:

  • Case study examples on the right of the page
  • An assessment of the mutliple benefits provided by each case study
  • An indication of cost

Habitat creation

Creating new compensatory habitat to mitigate for the impacts on habitats of FCERM schemes undertaken elswhere within a region/catchment. This group has one environmental improvement:

Structural modifications

Modifying structures or enhancing existing hard FCERM and land drainage infrastructure. Including changes to structures to improve ecological value and / or changes to the way structures are operated that can improve water flows, sediment transport and deposition processes. This group has four environmental improvements:

Water management

Amending or enhancing structures used for drainage purposes to limit flow that may cause erosion or sediment issues. This measure relates to Internal Drainage Boards. This group has one environmental improvement:

Guidance / References

Environment Agency RBMPs outline the environmental improvements needed to achieve good ecology in water bodies, more information can be found here:

For more information on RBMPs, please see the WFD section here.

WFD Terminology

The term 'environmental improvement' is used here instead of WFD 'mitigation measures'. The names of some mitigation measures are different in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and are denoted using these colours:

  • Black text = English mitigation measures
  • Blue text = Scottish mitigation measures
  • Green text = Northern Irish mitigation measures