ECRRNetwork eNews #19 | 25 October, 2021

European Open Rivers Programme is launched.

ECRRNetwork eNews #17 | 27 May, 2021

High pan-European river continuity restoration potential presented at ERS 2021

ECRRNetwork eNews #15 | 23 April, 2021

European River Symposium 2021 Prgramme on line now!

ECRRnetwork eNews #13 | 20 November, 2020

How to meet the EU Biodiversity Strategy Targets 2030!

ECRRnetwork eNews #11 | 5 July, 2020

River managers challenged by EU Biodiversity Startegy 2030!

ECRRNetwork eNews #20 | 19 November,2021

More news on dam removals and much more......

ECRRNetwork eNews #18 | 18 Augustus, 2021

A narrative report on the European River Symposium 2021

ECRRNetwork eNews #16 | 24 May, 2021

Full Programme European River Symposium 2021 on line.

ECRRNetwork eNews #14 | 10, March 2021

EU Biodiversity Strategy and Green Deal 2030 shaping Europe's water managament.

ECRRnetwork eNews #12 | 5 October, 2020

UN Ecosystem Restoration Decade Started!


ECRRnetwork eNews #10 | 7 May, 2020

ECRR strongly supports the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

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