CoP Participants Public Participation Workshop 2014, Leon - Orbigo River, Spain

The workshop programme can be downloaded here.


River Restoration is 4 People



European River Restoration Conference 2013, Celebrating Successes and Addressing Challenges.

At the European River Restoration Conference 2013 in Vienna on Celebrating Successes and Addressing Challenges, a Memorandum of Understanding as an outcome of the Worls Water Forum 6 process of Forging River Restoration Targets and Solutions was signed. This Memorandum provides the agreement for the establishement of a Community of Practice as a mean to faciltate the coopertation between 5 river basins, the Arpa, Irpen, Irwell, Órbigo and Rhone basins on the development of river basin restoration approaches. You can download the Memorandum here.

CoP Strategic Workshop 2014


ECRR Secretray Hil Kuypers


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All Signatories

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Initiator Benoît Terrier

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Jane Madgwick CEO WI

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WWF6 Pilot Basins Seminar19 –22 March, 2013, Lyon France.

PROGRAM WWF6 Pilot Basins Seminar 19 – 22 March, 2013, Lyon France download here.

REPORT WWF6 Pilot Bsins Seminar 19 - 22 March, 2013, Lyon download here.

Marseille 2012

Forging Targets and Solutions for Rivers and Water Ecosystem Restoration

World Water Forum 6

In 2011 the ECRR and its partners facilitated a consultation meeting of some 130 experst in Ljubljana and a stakeholders discussion as a preparartory meeting to  the 6th World Water Forum. It was concluded that an excellent way to move the river restoration agenda forward would be to encourage the creation of a community of practice (CoP), whose members would be a number of River Basins who share their progress and experiences. At the WWF 6 this was seen as a practical initiative in which the river basins can learn from another and help others to learn from them. The purpose was to provide an excellent basis to stimulate further understanding and action.

Ljubljana 2011 WWF 6 Preparatory Workshop

WWF6, Marseille 2012

Benoît Terrier, Rhône-Mediterranean and Corsica River Basin