The ECRR has at the following interesting vacancies:

1. ECRR Board Director.

2. ECRR Communications Volunteer.


ECRR Board Director

Applications and enquiries about the process should be made to info@ecrr.org

The ECRR is governed by a Board of Directors with an executive formed of the Secretary, Chairman and Vice Chair.  Directors are appointed from the academic, business, charity and user communities. The ECRR Board is responsible for the actions of the ECRR and for setting targets, raising resources and determining spend.

We are currently seeking applications for two new Directors for the Board. Our Directors should understand the aims and purpose of the ECRR and share our understanding of the need for this work and:

  • have the skills, knowledge and experience for the posts, as set out in the Director profile
  • be able to contribute to a diverse and effective board which meets the standards of good governance,
  • can avoid conflicts of interests with their other duties, roles and interests,
  • conduct themselves in a thorough, objective, impartial and equitable manner.

Board members are expected to work for around at least 10 days a year on ECRR business (this includes preparation for meetings). Board members will also be expected to contribute to related business through membership of ECRR working and advisory groups according to their experience and expertise.

We are seeking Directors who have an interest in the water environment, river processes, flood risk and natural flood management, integrated catchment management and the European water sector and have, or wish to develop Non Executive Board experience. We have a particular need for the following strengths:

  • Marketing, fund raising and membership
  • Strategic planning, governance and management
  • Financial management
  • Working with the water environment in third sector or charitable organisations
  • Science and research
  • Flood risk and planning
  • Experience in the water sector of one or more greater European regions
  • Media and communications

Please include with an appliation:

  • 1. A covering note of not more than 2 pages summarising your proven ability related to the Director Profile. Within this you should outline:
  • a) Your personal qualities, attributes and competencies and how they relate to the Director profile. Describe how you would bring these to the work of the ECRR board, using supporting examples.
  • b) Why you are interested in serving on the Board.
  • c) Any other information that you think may be relevant to this voluntary position, including any potential areas of conflict.
  • d) Your current posts and any other Non Executive roles.
  • 2. A full CV.

Including matters relating to conflicts of interest, or to talk through your questions about the role, contact:


ECRR Communications Volunteer

Applications and enquiries about the process should be made to info@ecrr.org to the attention of Mr. Bart Fokkens, operations coordinator ECRR.

The Communications volunteer works with the ECRR Operations Coordinator based in the Netherlands supporting the ECRR Association. However, the Communications volunteer could be based in any country of Greater Europe. The communications contribute to the overall mission of the ECRR to encourage and support ecological river restoration throughout greater Europe by connecting people and organisations, supporting the development of best practices and exchanging information about river restoration.have the skills,.

Knowledge and experience for the post, as set out in the Communications Volunteer Profile.