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River restoration brings futureproof river ecosystems that serve all who are dependent on healthy and safe water.

The ECRR is considered internationally to be the key network to promote and build capacity for ecological river restoration across Europe, supporting the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive, Floods Directive and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the UNECE Water Convention, the Convention on  Biodiversity, as well as national policies. See here ECRR's submission to the EC's WFD Fitness Check.

The ECRR is the authoritative voice on river restoration in Europe.

The ECRR is respected by the EU, governments, and the wider river restoration community in greater Europe, backed by its formal national network of members. The ECRR maintains this position by making the most out of the active involvement of its partners, members and contacts. The ECRR is an independent association, free to voice opinions, irrespective of the interests of partners and supporters. See here ECRR's Position Paper.

This makes ECRR: "The network for best practice river restoration in greater Europe" with the following purposes:

  • A mission to encourage and support ecological river restoration throughout greater Europe, through a European network consisting of national and topic centres, organisations, institutions and individual subscribers. See ECRR's Members Network.
  • Connecting people and organizations working on river restoration. The network consists of about 2000 contacts (organisations and individuals), is represented in 12 European countries by a national centre, and works together closely with a number of Key Partners.
  • Supporting development of best practices of river restoration and disseminating information on ecological river restoration: for instance via the RiverWiki Platform for case studies from all over Europe.

River restoration experts in Europe use the knowledge and contacts in the ECRR network to achieve maximum succes.

Through ECRR's activities, we exchange knowledge from one to another country, establish cross border and professional contacts and influence decision making. Our insights, case studies and technical information broaden perspectives of reseachers, NGO's, praticioners and policy makers. See for this amongst other documentation RESTORE Project Layman's Report

Upcoming events

ICFG 2022: 16. International Conference on Fluvial Geomorphology August 16-17, 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey

From: 16-08-2022 until 17-08-2022

International Conference on Fluvial Geomorphology aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Fluvial Geomorphology. It also...


6th European Congress of Conservation Biology,

From: 22-08-2022 until 26-08-2022

Practitioners, consultants, politicians, conservation and social scientists and students are welcomed to discuss and to design new guidelines, tools and strategies in order to meet new challenges in times of iodiversity crisis.


Save the date for World Water Week 2022

From: 23-08-2022 until 01-09-2022

World Water Week 2022 will take place 23 August to 1 September online and in Stockholm! This new edition will offer opportunities to connect face to face and propose online components to engage worldwide. Join us to address the world’s most pressing ...


13th SERE Conference, September Allicante, Spain

From: 05-09-2022 until 09-09-2022

For one week, we will gather in Alicante to assess recent advances in the theory and practice of ecological restoration and discuss future priorities. We invite you to take full advantage of the many events that will be organized under the umbrella...


IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition Water for smart liveable cities 11-15 September 2022 COPENHAGEN, DENMARK

From: 11-09-2022 until 15-09-2022

All of us in IWA are relieved and thrilled that the countdown to the World Water Congress and Exhibition in Copenhagen has re-started. The Nordic region is a world leading hub for technology and innovation, making it the ideal location for the...


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Latest news

Existing initiatives for implementing the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the EU Green Deal Read more

Existing initiatives for implementing the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the EU Green Deal

ECRR wants river rstoration practitioners to get acquainted with the new initiatives to support rivers and wetlands in the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the EU Green Deal and to stimulate the use of these new opportunities in the future. The articles in this newsletter actually teach us that the future started already some years ago. Each of the articles describes a start of a new initiative in the past and showing the results today. It appears that these results match very good with the objectives of the Biodiversity Strategy and the Green Deal policy. This means that implementing these strategy and policy is not starting from scratch, but that is a matter of scaling and speeding up these new types of integrated river basin restoration including funding and financing.

Conference report European River Symposium; European Rivers and Wetlands  2021 presented! Read more

Conference report European River Symposium; European Rivers and Wetlands 2021 presented!

The European River Symposium, held virtually on May 26 and 27, successfully concluded with many insightful presentations and discussions on actions to improve the quality of European Rivers and Wetlands.The intent of the Symposium was to help participants get acquainted with the new initiatives to support rivers and wetlands in the Biodiversity Strategy and the Green Deal and to stimulate the use of these opportunities. The conference was organized by a wide range of Partner organizations and brought together  people from Government, NGOs, River Commissions, Business and Scientists to share experience and celebrate positive efforts that have been taken to restore rivers and wetlands. In this report you can read more on key themes and lessons from the Symposium.

A narrative report on the European River Symposium 2021 Read more

A narrative report on the European River Symposium 2021

On the 26th and 27th of May this year the European River Symposium (ERS) 2021 has taken place as an online event and was attended by 256 rivers and wetlands professionals including policy makers, planners, practitioners, researchers, and young professionals, as well as any other interested from 38 countries in Europe and beyond. The ERS 2021 is a continuation of efforts starting in 2013, with the convening of the first European River Symposium, to strengthen efforts to protect, restore and better manage rivers in Europe. Now after four editions, this 2021 event has been a continuation of the effort to celebrate and promote positive actions in support of rivers.


A pan-European survey on river continuity restoration. Read more

A pan-European survey on river continuity restoration.

Today in a special session at the, virtually held, European River Symposium 2021, an ECRR report was launched.

A pan European survey to strengthen and improve policies and strategic planning regarding river continuity restoration.

Sharelle Verheij, the implementer of the survey and the main author of the report presented the results of the survey to a professional river restoration audience of policy makers, planners, researchers, and river restoration practitioners at the European River Symposium 2021.

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