Videos on river restoration

On this page you can watch videos on River Restoration.

The Rhone - Mediterranean and Corsica Water Agency video on how to manage rivers taking care of flooding issues and applying river restoration principles.

Video: how to manage rivers taking care of flooding issues and applying river restoration principles

A video from the catchment sensitive farming programme in the UK:Protecting the environment .


A video from the catchment sensitive farming programme in the UK on a clear solution for farmers - subsoiling.


A video showing how European rivers are negatively impacted by thousands of small hydropower installations and barrages.


River Petteril Catchment Project - Cumbria. Winner of the Wild Trout Trust Conservation award

Medmerry is the largest coastal re-allignment scheme in the UK. Find out how it will protect the Sussex coast:



Green games




VIDEO: CHINBROOK MEADOWS - better places to play


Visit our You Tube site to see this video. See how restoring the river Quaggy has imporved the park and increased visitors to this South London park.


VIDEO: Tanfield Lea, County Durham, a restoration project


A community restoration project to improve a Great Crested Newts habitat and upstream flood storage.


Why did Tanfield Lea, County Durham need restoration?

This is a well established Great Crested Newt pond. The local community noticed the pond was silting up, overgrown and full of rubbish and they decided to try and do something about it.


What has been done there?

The Environment Agency working with Durham County Council, Durham Wildlife Trust, Tanfield Lea Countryside Group and with addition funding from James Trust Fund the group were able to bring in a machine during the winter when the Great Crested Newts were hibernating.


The machine dredged the pond, pulling out all the silt and overgrown plants. The sides of the pond were also levelled and re-profiled creating shallow margins that are great for wildlife.



Read the video transcript (Word, 515KB)



VIDEO: Environment Agency help trapped salmon on the River Teme


A large number of salmon have become trapped between weirs on the River Teme in Ludlow, Shropshire, because of low flows. Take a look at our video to see what we have done to help these salmon.



Dr Nigel Holmes is unleashed upon the River Nar in Norfolk to transform a deflector situated in a heavily engineered stretch of the river into a berm in just 60 seconds. The site is located just downstream of Narborough.

The River Restoration Centre helped to write the Nar Restoration Strategy & Plan which was signed off only weeks before Dr Holmes undertook the video's work.


VIDEO: Deflector to berm in 60 seconds


Video credits: James Holloway, RRC www.therrc.co.uk


VIDEO: River Restoration on the Hampshire Avon

The Wessex Chalk Streams Project's river restoration of the River Avon SSSI SAC near the village of East Chisenbury in Wiltshire.




VIDEO: Cong Burn fish passage and habitat improvement project

A community project in Durham to remove an old weir and improve habitats along the Cong Burn to aid fish migration.

read the video transcript



VIDEO: protecting river banks in Cumbria, England

In 2005 and 2009 the river Derwent, Cumbria experienced devastating floods. These floods and other high-flows of water eroded river banks to such an extent that natural recovery was not an option. The Environment Agency has been working with a number of different groups to help install 'soft engineered' river bank protection in rural areas.


See below for the work that has been done to English river to get Otters back:


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