The ECRR Association

The purpose of the of the association is: to encourage and support ecological river restoration throughout greater Europe - "The network for best practice river restoration in greater Europe".

The association shall endeavour to achieve this purpose by:

  • Connecting people and organisations working on river restoration and management,
  • Supporting the development of best practice of river restoration and management,
  • Exchanging information about river restoration.








See for ECRR's Strategic Intent ECRR Strategic Intent 2018-20.pdf

The objectives of the ECRR are achieved through the establishment of national institutions that act as a reference on river restoration for each country. These can be established either in the form of national centres for river restoration (NGOs or associations), or of national networks, where usually a public body coordinates the activities of different organizations.

Untill the end of 2014 the Secretariat was the executive body and main driver of  ECRR's activities and then the ECRR Association was formed working on a different basis throught the support and participation by its members.


The ECRR network

The wider ECRR network is formed by individuals and organisations and includes presently about 2000 subcribents from all over the world, but mainly from Europe, which could be involved in information exchange and discussions on activities promoted by the ECRR and at least receiving the regular ECRR newsletter. Subscribing the ECRR eNews for the ECRR Network is free.