River Restoration Conference 2004, Zagreb Slovenia.

Principles, Processess and Practices

The abstracts of the presentations that were held on the 3rd ECRR Conference on River Restoration are available here.


Branka Anicic, Sonja Butula and Dusan Ogrin, Are Conservation and Restoration of Rivers Real Dilemmas of the Contemporary World (2,5 mb)

Walter Binder, Restoration of River and Floodplains in Bavaria (6.8 mb)

Petru Serban and Graziella Jula, Stream Topology – Basis for River Restoration Process (560 kb)

Katsuhide Yoshikawa, On the Progress of River Restoration and the Future View in Japan and Asia(4 mb)



Tiny Arts and Ron Lambregts, River Restoration in an Urban Environment; Sustainable Flood Defence Combined to Floodplain Reservation (7,6 mb)

Marina Babic-Mladenovic, Mirodag Jovanovic and Zoran Knezevic, The Integrated Flood Management – The Karas River Case Study(8,9 mb)

Dan Badarau, H. Clipa, A. Savin and A. Remmelzwaal, A String of Pearls: Towards Restoration of Wetland Values in the Prut Basin ( 2,7 mb)

L.J. Bolwidt, H.E.J. Simons and F.R. Kok, Removal of Riverbank Protection along the River Rhine (the Netherlands) (3,3 mb)

Mitja Brilly, Ales Bizjak, Mojva Sraj and Andrej Vidmar, The Ljubljanica River and the Gradascica River Case Study and Monitoring (4,4 mb)

Mitja Brilly, Lidija Globevnik and Andrej Vidmar, Estimation of Ecohydrographical Regions in Slovenia (1,1 mb)

Ji-Yong Choi, Integrated Watershed Management System in Korea (84 kb)

Ivanka Dimitrova and Vihra Hainadjieva, Water Pollution in the Shabla and Ezerets Lakes, Bulgaria (207 kb)

J.H. Doze, M.A.A.J. Kamps-Mulder, F.C.M. Kerkum, J. Oosterbaan and H.G. van Bommel, River Restoration what does it mean: The Restoration of the ecosystem and/or the Restoration of Dynamics (Monitoring the Embankments of the River Hollandsche IJssel) (124 kb)

Ladislav Grdan and Zdenko Keresa, Restoration of the Old Drava Riverbed at the Cakovec Hydropower Plant (5,3 mb)

Goran Gugic and Gorana Cosic-Flajsig, A Development Plan for Lonjsko Polje Nature Park – Ways Towards Integrated River Basin Management (103 mb)

Gumiero Bruna, Conte Giulio and Boz Bruno, Life Sellustra Project: Planning and Realization of Integrated Methods For Restoration of the Catchment in Val Sellustra (4 mb)

Neven Kuspilic and Damir Bekic, Inland Waterways Regulation and River Restoration in Croatia (1,3 mb)

Samuel K.S. Lam, W.H. Lee and Bryan S.F. Wong, Some Ecological Mitigation Measures for the Main Drainage Channel Projects in Hong Kong (8 mb)

Jenny Mant and Martin Janes, Integrated River Restoration in the UK: Past, Present and Future ( 1,2 mb)

V. van der Meij, M. Fellinger and M. Platteeuw, River Rehabilitation in the Netherlands: Dealing with Strengths and Constraints of EU-policy (771 kb)

Arno Mohl, LIFE River Restoration Projects in Austria (3,5 mb)

K. Nakamura and K. Tockner, River and Wetland Restoration in Japan (2,8 mb)

Paolo Negri, Maurizio Siligardi, Maurizio Frencescon, Alessia Fuganti,, Catia Monauni and Sabrina Pozz, The Fluvial Functioning Index: An Ecological Assessment Applied for River Restoration (2,3 mb)

Paolo Negri, Pier Mario Chiarabaglio, Lorenzo Vietto, Emanuela Gravina and Andrea Nardini, Challenges of River Restoration in Italy: Significant Experiences and Trends (117 kb)

H.J. Nijland, Transnational Cooperation on Sustainable Development of Floodplains (857 kb)

A.P. Nossal, Setting of Maximal Permissible Adverse Impact (MPAI) Norms for Surface Water Bodies (The Chusovaya and the Sysert Rivers) (92 kb)

Petr Obrdlik, Oder Border Meanders – Experience from the Countries of Transition (4,6 mb)

Nevenka Ozanic, Josip Rubinic, Barbara Karleusa and Danko Holjevic, The Revitalisation of Cultural Hereditary Buildings in Water Streams (1,6 mb)

Timur Pavluk, Macroinvertebrates Trophic Structure Alterations as a Response on Effect of Different Contamination Substances (115 kb)

Mladen Petricec, Mra Filipovic, Lidija Kratofil, Sandra Sturian Popovic and Zeljko Tusic, Toward Integrated Water Management in the Middle Sava Basin (1,3 mb)

M. Prica, J. Trickovic, I. Ivancev-Tumbas, Balmacija and B. Jovic, Organic Pollution in Sediment-water System on the Ratno Ostrvo Location in Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro (178 kb)

N.B. Prokhorova, Y.B. Merzlikina and K.V. Krutikova, River Restoration in Russia (105 kb)

Marq Redeker, Michael Weyand and Ernst A. Nusch, Restoration of Fish Passage and Results of a Master Plan Established for the Ruhr River Basin (916 kb)

Chris Robinson and Simon Whitton, Fisheries Action Plans – a New Approach to Public Consultation and the Impetus for Habitat Enhancement Works in the Upper Thames Catchment (England) (2,5 mb)

Leo L.P.A. Santbergen, The International ZWIN Project: an Example of European Cooperation? (1,2 mb)

Erika Schneider and Detlef Günther-Diringer, Ecological and Restoration Potential of the Lower Danube Floodplains
- Problems and Perspectives
(2,7 mb)

Andreea Serban, Ecological Discharges and Demands for River Ecosystems (269 kb)

Petru Serban and Daniela Radulescu, Abiotic Criteria for the Heavily Modified Water Bodies Designation (1,6 mb)

Zdenko Tadic and Ivan Radeljak, Experiences in Meander Restoration in Kopacki Rit Nature Park (5,4 mb)

Lorenzo Vietto and Pier Mario Chiarabaglio, Restoration of Floodplain Woodlands with Native Poplars (Populus Nigra and Populus Alba) in Italy; Some Case Studies on the Po River (2,3 mb)

Vasily Ponomarev, Olga Loskutova, Ludmila Khokhlova and Harald Leummens, The Pechora River: a Natural-functioning River Ecosystem or Needs for Restoration? (125 kb)