Northern Europe - SYKE

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) is responsible about the co-ordination of the RESTOREs North Region. This includes Sweden, Norway, Estonia, and Poland. 


The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) is a national organization responsible for environmental research, development and administration nationwide. SYKE has a key role in Finnish environmental administration and thus also in guidance of the regional and local policies. The organization cooperates closely with the ministries and the regional level by producing various environmental guidelines and bringing them in to practice. SYKE does strong co-operation with its partner organizations both in European environmental administration and in research.


SYKE brings the Northern river restoration perspective to the RESTORE project. We focus on river restoration issues typical to the northern parts of Europe and search the solutions and best practices from our member countries. The main themes to improve from the river restoration point of view are the production of hydropower and the issues related to urban waters and agriculture.


Please contact:

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)
Restoring Europe's Rivers (RESTORE) (SYKE)
Jukka Jormola - jukka.jormola@ymparisto.fi