Environment Agency (England)

As an organisation, our overall aim is to 'Create a better place for people and wildlife'. We play a central role in delivering the environmental priorities of central government and the Welsh Government through our functions and roles. But we can't do this on our own; we need our customers, communities, key stakeholders and other European counterparts to help us.


The Environment Agency’s coordinates the RESTORE partnership for river restoration.


The Environment Agency is the biggest environmental regulator in Europe and has a mandate that covers all environmental media for example air, water and waste. Under this broad remit the Agency is responsible for the protection of the freshwater and marine environment and is also responsible for a range of water management activities such as leading on flood risk and water resources management in England.


The Environment Agency is competent authority for the implementation of the EC Water Framework, Habitats and Floods Directives in England. We are responsible for delivery of River Basin Management Plans and for planning and overseeing the implementation of the range of river restoration related measures that are identified within these plans. The Environment Agency also funds and delivers river restoration activities in England and has developed significant expertise in this field over the last 20 years. This expertise covers the breadth and depth of restoration activities from strategic planning through to the design, implementation and monitoring of restoration activities.