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ECRR Technical Newsletter 1 - 2024, June

The Australian River Restoration Centre (ARRC), led by Dr. Siwan Lovett, has become a leader ... read more

ECRR Technical Newsletter 2 - 2023, December

In this edition, too, the three articles presented are very different in nature. The first article describes how Norway has implemented ... read more

ECRR Technical Newsletter 1 - 2023, June

Similarities and differences as well as completeness and effectiveness of the single policies were identified to determine if it is possible to create a general policy framework for river... read more

ECRR Technical Newsletter 2 - 2022, December

The ECRR would like to reiterate that its members are excited to see that the proposed EU Nature Law emphasises the restoration of freshwater ecosystems, which are one of... read more

ECRR Technical Newsletter 1 - 2022, March

The articles highlight convincing examples of innovations needed for implementing the Biodiversity Strategy 20230 and the Grean Deal... read more

ECRR Technical Newsletter 2 - 2021, July


The symposium highlighted the... read more

ECRR Technical Newsletter 1 - 2021, May.

Across the European Centre for River Restoration (ECRR) member countries it was commonly agreed that there was no overview of longitudinal river... read more

ECRR Technical Newsletter 2 - 2020, November

Freshwater ecosystem restoration is an important target in the recently launched EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 in order to achieve the objectives of the of the Water Framework Directive. ... read more

ECRR Technical Newsletter 1 - 2020, February

The articles are very varied, from riverine ecosystem management, to sustainable hydropower, from river care to braided, wild rivers, from dam removal to ecological compensation of dams. And of... read more

ECRR TECHNICAL Newsletter 1 - July 2019

In this newsletter various types of articles like on the development of the Russian River Restoration Centre underlines that river restoration is a universal concept that can be... read more

ECRR Newsletter 3-2018 December

This newsletter testifies how a part of ECRR's mission 'Connecting people and organisations working on river restoration and management' is brought in practice in... read more

ECRR Newsletter 2-2018 July

The content of this ECRR Newsletter shows that the river restoration and river management communities are more, and more together on the move for more and better river restoration activities. The... read more

ECRR Newsletter 1 - 2018 April

ECRR Newsletter 1-2018 April ECRR Newsletter 1-2018 April.pdf

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ECRR Newsletter 3/2017 December

With this issue of the ECRR Newsletter it appears that there is an increasing interest to publish about ecological river restoration. Moreover, there is a certain development in the type of... read more

ECRR Newsletter, August 2017

This newsletter is a very rich newsletter, with a wide variety of articles. The Polish and Italian River Restoration Centres have shared here the foundation, regular activities and future... read more

ECRR Newsletter, April 2017

This newsletter includes reports of a variety of recently held river restoration conferences. Moreover it presents a number of interesting special technical river restoration articles.

Two... read more

ECRR Newsletter, October 2016


This newsletter includes a variety of articles on river restoration issues.

Download the ECRR Newsletter, October ... read more

ECRR Newsletter, May 2016

This newsletter includes:

Report on the European River Symposium 2016, March 2-3 Vienna ​and ​Spain's Segura river awarded top prize for river restoration... read more

ECRR Newsletter, September 2015

ECRR NEWS 2/2015

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ECRR Newsletter, May 2015

ECRR Newsletter, May 2015

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6th European River Restoration Conference report

Special edition newsletter presents a selection of the conference workshop sessio, keynote speaches, panel discussions, field excursions and River Talk interviews.

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ECRR Newsletter, September 2014

ECRR Newsletter, September 2014

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ECRR Newsletter 3 - 2014

ECRR Newsletter June - 2014

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ECRR Newsletter, May 2014

ECRR Newsletter, May 2014

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5th European River Restoration Conference report

This special edition newsletter presents a selection of the conference workshop sessions, the keynote speech by the EU commissioner for the environment, mr Janez Potočnik, the launch of the... read more


ECRR Newsletters Back Catalogue

This pages contains all the ECRR newsletters from 1996 - 2014. More recent editions are available below as separate publications.

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