Southern Europe - CIRF

CIRF is a non profit technical-scientific association based in Italy. It was created in 1999 by a group of professionals with different backgrounds related to sustainable river management and river restoration. The main purpose of the association is to foster the ecological river restoration approach in order to improve the quality of our water courses and provide social and economic benefits.

CIRF aims at:


  • increasing public awareness on river restoration benefits, through educational activities, publications and dialogue with public authorities, professionals and researchers.
  • coordinating, promoting and supporting pilot studies and innovative projects
  • developing and stimulating the involvement of all subjects interested in the management of water and land providing interaction and coordination with similar international centres (CIRF is a member of the European Centre for River Restoration - ECRR)


Italian Centre for River Restoration (CIRF)
Andrea Goltara - a.goltara@cirf.org
Land line: 39 389.1104025


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