Norwegian National Seminar on Restoration of Rivers and Wetlands; Tentative Programme!

This seminar has been an annual event since 2010, bringing together a network of authorities, researchers, consultants, practitioners and grassroots organizations.
The tentative program for 2021 includes parts in english:
•    First half day on September 16.: a panorama of the status of restoration of rivers and wetland in the Nordic countries Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
•    First presentation on September 17.: by the UK River restoration centre presenting their experiences on training and dissemination.
The rest of the seminar will be in Norwegian language, including:
•    Launch of the national strategy for river restoration and the Norwegian version the barrier Tracker App.
•    Financing possibilities, project planning and systematic learning.
•    A selection of examples of ongoing restoration activities.
The tentative programme in Norwegian language will be continuously updated until the beginning of September and can be found here!