ECRR Technical Newsletter 2 - 2023, December

ECRR Technical Newsletter 2 - 2023, December

In this edition, too, the three articles presented are very different in nature. The first article describes how Norway has implemented a catchment-based approach to water management, involving local water boards and catchment coordinators.

The second article narrates the journey of a group of river restoration practitioners from Cumbria, England, who visited the Vjosa River in Albania, one of the most natural and biodiverse rivers in Europe, and how they exchanged knowledge and insights with the local team.

And the third article is about river continuity restoration best practice in Finland. It provides some examples projects in Finland, using natural by-passes and other technical solutions to remove or modify barriers and obstructions.

From these articles the conclusion could be drawn that Norway, Cumbria and Finland are leading the way in managing and restoring Europe's Rivers. But for other European countries, this can just as easily be said in relation to yet another completely different aspect, about which we’ll publish other articles.