ECRR Newsletter 3-2018 December

ECRR Newsletter 3-2018 December

This newsletter testifies how a part of ECRR's mission 'Connecting people and organisations working on river restoration and management' is brought in practice in different manners, like by the questionnaire about ECRR communications, the ECRR general members meeting, participating in conferences and seminars, stimulating national river restoration centres, supporting of the WFD Review campaign and the call for collaboration on  river barrier location, removal and mitigation in Europe. By this way, already only in a couple of months hundreds to thousands of people are directly and/or indirectly contacted and connected.

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The ECRR aims to be an authoritative voice on river restoration in Europe, and is respected by the EU, governments and the wider restoration community in greater Europe, backed by its formal network of members. Many of the ECRR’s audience will share our main objectives and can be equally committed for furthering river restoration across Europe. Others will need convincing of its merits and application, depending on the audience type. These are differentiated as river restoration practitioners, policy makers, researchers, NGO,s and the private sector.