Support our work

ECRR is as an association a not for profit organisation. ECRR's purposes are connecting people with a common interest, making contacts with relevant organisations, share information, and learn from each other. This helps first of all the members. However, the most important objective of the ECRR is to support others, organisations and individuals, in enhancing and promoting river restoration. This is done by holding conferences, workshop, study tours producing publications of the profession and guideline, creating networking opportunities, operating a webiste, mailing our technical and eNews newsletters and the RiverWiki.. The RiverWiki is an open access, webbased project database.

ECRR tries to offer these services against costs as low as possible, but encourages users to join the ECRR and to participate in and contribute to the activities. Contributions can be in kind and/or financial.

Joining the ECRR is for individuals and organisations first of all possible by suscribing to the eNews and the social media and becoming part of the wider ECRR network. Certain organisations can join the ECRR by membership

For more information about joining the ECRR we invite you to contact us by providing us your questions and information through the Join ECRR link.

We are looking forward to become connected with you and to thank you for your participation and support.