Publications on River Restoration in Europe

This page gathers the most interesting case studies, best practices and other relevant studies on River Restoration in Europe. Feel free to download the publications and share them among your network.

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RESTORE leaflet Finnish

 Leaflet in Finnish

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Fisheries Habitat Improvement booklet

The Environment Agency has written this booklet for fishery owners. It explains how to set about improving the habitat in your fishery, and guides you through the legal process for making changes.


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Recommendations for developing cantonal conservation and exploitation strategies for small hydropower plants

 The cost-covering feed-in remuneration for electricty from renewable sources has stimulated numerous projects for small hydropower plants in Switzerland which must be assessed in terms of electricity generation, water protection and landscape conservation. These implementation recommendations are inteded to support the cantons in this task. They contain ecological, energetic and economic criteria which should be considered when balancing the conservation and exploitation interests.


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Australian River Restoration Centre (ARRC) publications available

Australian River Restoration Centre (ARRC) pubblications are now available on the ARRC website.

Each management issue has a range of publications – from fact sheets through to guidelines and scientific references (if you know the title of the publication use the search function to go straight to it).
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SAND Project

SAND: Spatial Quality Enhancement, Alleviation Of Flood Damage And Nature Enlargement By Development And Redevelopment Of Mineral Extraction Sites Along Rivers.

The objective of SAND is flood alleviation in North-West Europe by the use of mineral extraction pits, with a special
focus on improving water quality and spatial quality. SAND addresses various aspects of developing mineral extraction sites depending on the local situation.

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Los Angeles River

Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan

The Los Angeles River flows through diverse communities throughout Los Angeles. The river presents opportunities to revitalize the neighbourhoods, to invest in the communities, to bring nature to people, and to enhance the quality of life. The 18-month Revitalization planning process will look at improvements along the project area all aimed towards celebrating neighbourhoods, protecting wildlife, promoting the health of the river, and leveraging economic development. By the end of the planning process, a 20-year blueprint for development and management of the Los Angeles River will be developed for implementation by the City of Los Angeles. River revitalization through the city would integrate multiple objectives – including recreation, parks, storm water management, but also housing, transportation, economic development, and more.

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Case Study: River Quaggy Makes a Comeback

Site background: The River Quaggy runs from Bomley to Lewisham in South London and has suffered considerable flooding problems over the years – caused primarily by development on the natural floodplain. The entire section of the river running through Sutcliffe Park was hidden underground meaning valuable floodplain was lost, together with vital natural habitats. The main focus of the project  was to return the ‘culverted’ river back to its natural state. In the process, the opportunity was taken to turn the bare, uninteresting park into a popular green space

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