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A Summary Of The Ecological Evaluation Of River Restoration Measures On The River March

Zusammenfassende Ökologische Bewertung Der Flussbaulichen Massnahmen An Der March; A Summary Of The Ecological Evaluation Of River Restoration Measures On The River March




In the year 2000 a bilateral project was initiated by Slovak and Austrian institutions to improve the hydrmorphological and ecological situation in the Morava river between Zwerndorf and Marchegg (river km 15–25). The project was implemented in 2002/3 after a bilateral consensus on the set of measures and can be described as a pilot study in terms of river restoration for lowland rivers across Europe.


The main aim of the project was to re-structure the river banks, increase the lateral connectivity with wetland areas and to re-connect cut off meanders with the main river. After the implementation of the project an assessment of the success of the measures was done by using bioindicators. Eight different groups of organisms including birds, amphibians, fish, macro invertebrates, dragonflies, macrophytes, phytobenthos and riparian vegetation were chosen to cover the whole range of effects of the measures on the entire river stretch and the
Additionally a “hydro-monitoring” was performed to describe the effects of the hydrological improvements on the river and groundwater levels. For selected parameters like the lateral connectivity and the degree of freedom for the river development also hydraulic and hydrological investigations were done.
The analysis of the assessment of the ecological status of the river stretch shows that for most of the biota the implementation of measures lead to an improvement of the habitat quality, specifically within the interface between river and wetland.
The results of the study are important for river restoration projects of lowland rivers and will provide useful information for the implantation of the program of measures according to the EU Water Framework Directive.









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