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Click on the link below to be directed to the post event report. Presentations are available here in pdf format. For powerpoint presentations and notes visit our slideshare site (Please note that not all powerpoints are available and these are not posted in order).

Post Event reports:

  • Scheldt River, Brussels - A boat cruise on the Scheldt Rivel discussing the challenges of river restoration in Europe. View the announcement and read the summary. See the presentations:

Better Rivers - Jenny Mant
Policy Implementation for Better Rivers - Martin Janes & Lawrence Talks
The Scheldt River Basin - Ilke Dieltjens
The Danube - Wolfgang Stalzer
Taking river restoration forward - Chris Baker

  • Lahti, Finland - 14.-16.8.2013 North region RESTORE final seminar and two day excursion in the Helsinki and Lahti regions. Look at the presentations at the seminar and the report of the three day event
  • Utrecht, The Netherlands - A two-day training course focusing on the importance of understanding natural river processes when designing river restoration projects for ecological and habitat benefits. Links to the outputs and event report.
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Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5

1. Partnership for sharing knowledge & promoting best practice on River Restoration - Toni Scarr

2. The Turtoise: how to convert a dewatering ditch into a river - Yves Hubert

3. Europe in the Meuse valley: border or common, how so? Focus on transboundary realisation - Katia Nagels

  • Münich and Basel area, Germany- Switzerland, 21.-25.5.2013 - A four day field visit excursion of the restoration of river dynamics and continuity in heavily modified rivers. Look at the programme and the event reports from Germany and Switzerland.
  • Dublin, Ireland - A two day workshop to bring together policy makers and river basin managers to explore the synergy between EU Directives to achieve best practice river restoration and management. See the event report for more details and outcomes.
  • Bolzano, Italy- A seminar focusing on 'river restoration in river basin management plans in Europe was held on the 5th November. The presentations are now available.
  • Ruse, Bulgaria - Workshop to familiarise policy makers and river basin planners with methods to influence (other) policy makers in their country, in order to accept and put into practice river restoration in correlation with infrastructure of flood protection, hydropower plants, etc.  Also the workshop provided building blocks for developing a strategy to reach and stimulate policymakers to implement the relevant EU Directives. Workshop report. Presentation Wim Zeeman.
  • Loire valley, France - 11-12th October - Removal of Water Level Management Structures and River Restoration Field Visit Schedule, Report, & Supporting Information courtesy of Jeremy Watkins, ENGEES/ River Restoration Centre. Hosted by L'Institution Interdépartementale du Bassin de la Sèvre Nantaise (IIBSN) and the RRC. Read the Sèvre Nantaise basin River Restoration field visit output: The French Water and River Management System by Jeremy Watkins.
  • Czech  Republic, 14th September 2012 - sharing good practice in river restortaion workshop at the 8th European Conference on Ecological Restoration. This included a workshop and field visits. Event report
  •  London, UK- The effective restoration of London’s rivers can provide improved natural habitats for wildlife and a better space for human recreation. Designed imaginatively, they can also even help to reduce crime and the fear of crime and contribute to a higher quality of life for all. -  event presentations go to our slideshare site or read our news article or report.

Presentations (In order of appearance)

Rottal burn restoration project (Kenny MacDougall, EnviroCentre Ltd.)

  • Warsaw, Poland - 11-15 June 2012 - Field visit, seminar and discussion about establishing a Polish river restoration network Event report
1.   Keynote / Introduction; Fokkens, Wharton
2.   Managing partnership projects Bond (M), Maxwell, Shuker, Doherty, Oakley (M), Worrall
3.   Getting your feet wet session Bradley-Dollar, Evans, Gill, Holmes, Moir, Martyn (M), Dennis, Heritage, Humphreys, Selway (M)
4.   Valuing benefits of river restoration Wood, Gilvear, Moore, Couldrick, Everard, McDermott (M), Hammond
5.   Data Collection and Analysis Thompson, Peeters, Entwistle, Gilvear
6.   Monitoring Design and Justification Morandi, Morrissey (M), Elbourne, Gurnell
7.   RESTORE poster presentation can be downloaded using this links: RESTORE


  • Ljubljana, Slovenia - 16th-18th November 2011- Reporting from the World Water Forum (16-18 Nov, 2011) and RESTORE network event in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The partners for river restoration in Europe held a network event in Ljubljana, Slovenia during the World Water Forum, 16-18 November 2011. Here you can find the reports, pictures and other resources from this event. 

For event presentations go to our slideshare site