Environment Agency and Natural England to remain separate

In an article by Alastair Driver of the Environment Agency, published in the Farmers Guardian, Owen Patterson said, “I have concluded that the EA and NE should be retained as separate public bodies with separate purposes and functions, but that both bodies should continue to reform how they deliver their services to their customers and drive further efficiencies.'' The agencies will be required to work more closely together, using their ‘combined resources and processes in innovative ways’ to deliver an improved performance on areas like land managment services abd planning. They have also been asked to do more to reduce the regulatory burden they impose on farmers and other users of their services.

This article was published by Farmers Today  on 1st July 2013 http://www.farmersguardian.com/home/latest-news/natural-england-and-environment-agency-survive-defra-review/56794.article


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