ECRR Technical News December 2023

All good river restoration news!


River restoration is a broad concept. In addition, it is an activity that is applied within the broad context of Integrated River (Basin) Management. As a result, river restoration touches on many different aspects. This is reflected in the variety of articles in this ECRR Technical Newsletter issue.


Work in progress: River habitat connectivity restoration!

ECRRNetwork eNews # 26 | 24.08.2022

The content of this newsletter is just a small reflection of all of the dynamic activity around the free-flowing rivers. At the same time, being aware of all that is happening makes it even more interesting to have look at all of the different activities and to realise how broad the topic of free-flowing rivers is in practice. And not only that, but what it takes to support the achievement of 25,000 km of free-flowing rivers by 2030 as well as many other targets directly or indirectly related to freshwater ecosystems restoration.  

Existing initiatives for implementing the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the EU Green Deal

ECRR Technical Newsletter 1 - 2022, March


ECRR wants river rstoration practitioners to get acquainted with the new initiatives to support rivers and wetlands in the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the EU Green Deal and to stimulate the use of these new opportunities in the future. The articles in this newsletter actually teach us that the future started already some years ago. Each of the articles describes a start of a new initiative in the past and showing the results today. It appears that these results match very good with the objectives of the Biodiversity Strategy and the Green Deal policy. This means that implementing these strategy and policy is not starting from scratch, but that is a matter of scaling and speeding up these new types of integrated river basin restoration including funding and financing.