Update on the REFORM project

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To achieve this aim the REFORM consortium will develop protocols and procedures to monitor the biological response to hymorphological change with greater precision, to support the design of programmes of restoration and mitigation measures for the WFD, in particular for the upcoming 2nd round of RMBPs, and to integrate restoration better with socio-economic activities.



Impacts of hydromorphological degradation and disturbed sediment dynamics on ecological status.




Framework to analyse ecosystem services provided by European river systems




Review on ecological responses to hydromorphological degradation and restoration.




Review on effects of pressures on hydromorphological variables and ecologically relevant processes.



To follow soon: D1.4

Inventory of restoration costs and benefits

























Where to find additional technical / scientific information?

All completed deliverables have been uploaded on the public website (http://reformrivers.eu/results/deliverables ) The content of the deliverables will be continuously uploaded in the REFORM Geo-WIKI in factsheets (http://wiki.reformrivers.eu ) with linkages to background information and case studies throughout the course of REFORM.


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