EUROPEAN RIVER SYMPOSIUM; European Rivers and Wetlands 2021 - REGISTER NOW!

All in the ECRRNetwork eNews #14 | 10 March, 2021

EUROPEAN RIVER SYMPOSIUM; European Rivers and Wetlands 2021 - REGISTER NOW!

The Symposium

ERS21 highlights the changes to rivers and specific actions that have been brought about by the European Legislation (the Water Framework Directive) and most importantly the possibilities and opportunities presented by the European Green Deal and European Biodiversity Strategy. These new initiatives provide a significant basis for strengthening the efforts and actions to protect and restore rivers and their associated ecosystems and to ensure that rivers can continue providing services and benefits to people.

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Time for a new recipe for flood risk management in Europe

The EU Floods Directive requires Member States to assess if all water courses and coast lines are at risk from flooding. EU Member States will have to adopt Flood Risk Management Plans. In a briefing, Wetlands International gives recommendations to Member States to focus on nature-based solutions and green infrastructure measures and lists a number of platforms where knowledge on nature-based solutions and cases can be found. 

The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency navigates rivers and deltas towards a sustainable future.

A roadmap to multi-functional and resilient landscapes: the adaptation to global change through Blue and Green Infrastructure Networks.                 

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