Improvements on River Sowe bring great benefits to Environment

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Improvements on a 0.2 kilometre section of the river, between Baginton Road Bridge and The Old Mill Hotel have been made. We have removed the Bagwork Weir, Side Channel Weir, and we have also constructed a new fish pass on the Mill Weir. This work will significantly improve fish migration allowing fish to move freely upstream, where they once were unable to.


The Environment Agency have also improved the river habitat over the site area, creating more natural features and allowing the river to regain a more natural flow. This will help create the habitats needed by invertebrates, plants and fish, and increase oxygen levels in the water, therefore improving the water quality


As water levels were lowered to facilitate our work during the project, we were able to remove a significant quantity of rubbish from the river. A total of 84 tyres, approximately 2000 plastic bottles, several old radiators, a bicycle frame and numerous other items were removed from the river during the course of the work.


This work forms part of the continued efforts to meet the targets for improved water quality, as set out under the Water Framework Directive.


Daniel Johnson, Fisheries Technical Officer for the Environment Agency said: “We are delighted that we have been able to carry out this project to help improve the habitat for wildlife in the local area. This work will help contribute towards the protection and enhancement of the environment for wildlife and for people in future years.”


Construction work was carried out by contractors Birch Brothers (Kidderminster) Ltd.

For more information on the Water Framework Directive, visit: http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/research/planning/33362.aspx

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