Letter to the Croation Government on Planned Regulation of the Danube and Threats to “Kopacki Rit” Nature Park

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Specifically in terms of nature conservation, these plans would impact the internationally important “Kopacki Rit” Nature Park, which has recently been nominated by the ministry as a core zone of the future Transboundary UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Mura-Drava-Danube”, as well as causing transboundary impacts on the Serbian “Gornje Podunavlje” Special Nature Reserve.


Wetlands International encourages the Croatian Ministry to develop a new integrated project that will harmonise the needs of conservation, navigation, flood management and tourism as well as meet the requirements of EU Directives, relevant international Conventions and the modern international environmental standards.


Best practice sharing

There is growing scientific and engineering expertise and sharing of best practices in Europe on integrated, landscape-scale river management schemes, that could be made available to inform the river planning in Croatia.


Offering assistance

Wetlands International as well as its Netherlands-based partners and the technical expert network of the European Centre for River Restoration, will be very pleased to assist the Croatian Ministry in any way that it can in these matters.


Wetlands International is member  of the network of local, national and international NGOs and institutions supports the conservation of the “Amazon of Europe”.



 Canoe trip on Drava river, Danube - The Amazon of Europe - By Arno Mohl-WWF



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Photos by Mario Romulic (overview), Arno Mohl-WWF (fisherman) and Anton Vorauer - WWF/Canon (canoes)


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