Deliverables from the REFORM project are live


UK rivers facing increased abstraction


One in seven UK rivers currently have unsustainable amounts of water abstracted from them and  are now facing a 50% increase in abstraction if the Water Bill 2013-14 is passed.The bill is having its second reading in parliament today and modifications to abstraction licenses, main river maps and flood insurance for householders will be debated.


Water pollution decreasing but more to be done


The EU announced that the latest Report on the implementation of the Nitrates Directive reveals that nitrates concentrations are slightly decreasing in both surface and groundwater and sustainable agricultural practices are more widespread. Although the overall trend is positive, nitrates pollution and eutrophication – the excess growth of weeds and algae that suffocates life in rivers and seas – are still causing problems in many Member States and further action is needed to bring the waters in the European Union to a good status within a reasonable timescale.