ECRR Newsletter 2-2018 July with news on river restoration communities and river management communities are more, and more together on the move for improving the state of Europe's water.


Recently two new reports were published:

1. The European Environment Agency has produced a report on the state of Europe's water.

2. The World Fishmigration Foundation pubished a report with the title: Removing tens of thousands of obselete dams in Europe ill bring life back to rivers.

These two reports availble on ECRR's website www.ecrr.org,...

Removing tens of thousands of obsolete dams in Europe will bring life back to rivers, says new report Of DAM REMOVAL EUROPE


With only 40% of Europe's waterways in good ecological condition, a new study published today calls for tens of thouthands of redundnt dams and other barriers removed to help restore rivres ad lakes - boosting wildlife populations and benefiting communities across the continent. An new initiative called Dam Removal Europe aims to start an are of dam removal.

Download the press release:

From Sea to Source 2.0 launched on #worldfishmigrationday; Now available as a free download



This new book released on World Fish Migration Day (April 21) provides a practical guide to tackle the threat of dams and promoting the protection and restoration of fish migration in rivers worldwide. “From sea to source 2.0” is a unique collaboration of over 100 international fisheries professionals and is supported by river managers,...