Calling all planners !


The RESTORE team is busily writing a handbook about river restoration for spatial planners and developers who do not have a background in this subject. It will be a practical summary of our approach and will explain what we want to achieve, why it is important and how we do it to get the best results. 

If you are a planner we would love to have your help in shaping this handbook so we can produce the information you really need. 

If you'd like to help please contact us on: restore@environment-agency.gov.uk



RSA Student Design Awards 2012/13


The Royal Society of Arts, in conjunction with the Environment Agency, are asking students to design or update a method of tackling water pollution. The aim is to reduce the impact of man-made structures, restore natural features to water environments, and to reduce the impact of water pollution. 

Two awards are available for this brief, including a paid internship at the Environment Agency or an RSA Fellows Award of £1250. 

Submission requirements for the competition can be found on the RSA's website 

Download this brief (PDF)



CIRF heard at the Italian Senate on flood risk and river restoration


Last June the Italian Senate Environment Commission called the Italian Centre for River Restoration for a hearing on a legislative proposal on flood risk prevention. CIRF director Andrea Goltara and president Ileana Schipani had the chance to discuss with senators critical issues for river basin management in Italy and especially to highlight benefits of river restoration for flood risk mitigation.

More details (in Italian) on CIRF website.

Proposal to bring back beavers to Welsh rivers


Following the release of  beavers into an enclosure in Cwm Einion near Machynlleth, Powys  2 years ago, the Welsh Beaver Project has published a report outlining a proposal to release beavers back into the river valleys of Wales. In an article by the BBC proponents of the project argue that the beavers will cut flood risk and help boost biodiversity. Project co-ordinator Adrian LLoyd Jones told the BBC that beavers are'gentle and effective managers of wetland and river woodland habitat and that beaver dams would help reduce flash floods by slowing down rivers in spate'