Proposal to bring back beavers to Welsh rivers


Following the release of  beavers into an enclosure in Cwm Einion near Machynlleth, Powys  2 years ago, the Welsh Beaver Project has published a report outlining a proposal to release beavers back into the river valleys of Wales. In an article by the BBC proponents of the project argue that the beavers will cut flood risk and help boost biodiversity. Project co-ordinator Adrian LLoyd Jones told the BBC that beavers are'gentle and effective managers of wetland and river woodland habitat and that beaver dams would help reduce flash floods by slowing down rivers in spate'

The 'TRAP' project has began - Integrated management of river catchments


TRAP - Territories of Rivers Action Plans

Nine partners - Finland, Latvia, Ireland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Greece, Romania and the UK
This is a 3 year INTERREG IVC programme dealing with the challenge of integrated management of rivers and their territories (or catchments).
It aims to develop policies and tools to enable sustainable economic growth whilst ensuring good water quality and thereby supporting the aims of the Water Framework Directive.