Rivers of the World exhibition, London


From 15 August - 9 September 2012 the exhibition of brilliant artworks created by secondary school pupils from London and other cities around the world within the framework of Rivers of the World 2012 programme will be shown at the gallery@oxo on the South Bank. Rivers of the World is the Mayor's Thames Festival's flagship global art and education project which every year links over 2,000 young people around the world who study their, or their partner city's river as inspiration for producing fantastic artworks for public display.

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The Baltica Project: rafting the Vistula river, Poland


 The Baltica Project is an initiative that incorporates adventure - flowing all the way down the Vistula river - with environmental education and actions leading to preserving this unique region. A group of young people is travelling on a self-made raft that consists of PET bottles and other recyclable materials. The total lenght of the route is 861km between Krakow and the Baltic Sea.On the way, the participants of the project are documenting the beauty of the valley of the Vistula river, carring out ornithological observations or measurements on water purity and sharing their newly acquired knowledge with all encountered people who would only show interest

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20th anniversary of the European Union’s LIFE programme


 The 20th anniversary of the European Union’s LIFE programme, the first dedicated financial instrument for funding environmental activities, was celebrated at the Europe House in London in May. Launched in 1992, LIFE was timed to coincide with the EU Habitats and Birds Directives coming into force, both aimed at preserving Europe’s biological diversity. 


Jonathan Scheele (Head of UK office for the EU) with Tony Grayling (Head of Climate Change and Communities, Environment Agency) at LIFE 20 years celebration.