Draft water appraisal guidance


The Evironment Agency has produced draft guidance to assist the economic assessment of works or measures that affect the water environment. This can be used for River Basin Management Planning and other disciplines where relevant.

Any comments on the guide would be greatfully received:

Environment Agency

Switzerland – a land of nature-like bypass channels


Some fish such as salmon need access to freshwater but obstacles such as dams and hydropower plants can act as barriers and prevent them migrating and spawning.

However, rivers in Switzerland, which are all regulated, have benefitted from some innovative solutions to reduce the impact of hydropower plants and dams on fish. To solve this challenge, bypass channels or fishways have been built at almost at every dam and weir.

Left photo: Rheinfelden fish pass facility. Middle photo: a rock cascade pass. Right photo: a vertical slot pass (photos by Sini Olin, SYKE).


River restoration after June floods in Europe ?


Following  flooding across much of Europe in June the idea of integrating rivers back into their natural floodplains is being more widely discussed. An article in Spiegel Online looks at the effects of fthe flooding in Germany and asks whether governments are looking more seriously at river restoration.

A field near the town of Kamern, about 100 kilometers west of Berlin, before and after the flooding.

Photo: Spiegel Online

Valuing Nature - Should nature have a price tag?


 What is your river worth?

How much is nature worth?  Some believe the only way to preserve nature is to show that it can pay its way in a world driven by money, others disagree saying nature is too precious to be left to the whim of markets. Monty Don discusses if we should put a price tag on nature and if so how do we value it?  (Source:BBC Radio 4)

Listen to the programme on Radio 4's Shared Planet