LIFE+ RII start!


 The LIFE+ RII project (LIFE11 ENV/IT/000243 “Riqualificazione integrata idraulico-ambientale dei RII appartenenti alla fascia pedemontana dell’Emilia Romagna”) has start its activities.

Implications of provision of fish access at tidal structures for water quality and sedimentation - project report


In order for the Agency to fulfil obligations under the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and Eel Regulations, fish access facilities are being installed in tidal flaps at many sites in the lower reaches of rivers to allow the migration of elver, eel and other species between the main river or estuary and incoming tributaries and drains.

However, the operation of these fish access devices could result in potential changes in the water quality and sediment regime in the associated drains, with implications for management and maintenance regimes in these drains, and in late 2011 the Environment Agency commissioned a short study to investigate the potential for this.
The Summary and full report of a preliminary study can be found here: https://brand.environment-agency.gov.uk/mb/EpOQL3
Further information: Dr. Graeme Peirson, Evidence Directorate, Air, Land and Water Team

Restoration of the rivers - BBC audio slideshow


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BBC says 'Good management of waterways is an essential part of the fight against some of the extreme weather the UK has suffered in past years. In 2012 the country saw record levels of rainfall in some areas with about 8,000 homes flooded, and yet earlier in the year hosepipe bans followed a period of drought.'

Meteorologists are warning that extremes of weather may increase as global temperatures slowly rise, and the Environment Agency has pointed out that modelling suggests that a changing climate could reduce some summer river flows by up to 80% in the next 40 years.

LIsten to the slie show to hear Dr Dylan Bright, of the Westcountry Rivers Trust, talking about a three-year, £4m project of restoration work on river catchments across the South West of England and the ways in which this can help stabilise the country's water supply.