Britain in Flood


Why are planners allowing homes to be erected in the floodplain? Is the UK government doing enough to protect people from flooding? An investigative BBC Radio 4 programme looks at key flood events from 2012 and interviews three  flood management experts from the Environment Agency.

Image for Britain in Flood

Image from BBC website

See wiser website for models on the relationships of restoration measures and their effect



The conceptual models are used to illustrate the relationships between three common restoration measures (riparian buffer instalment, instream mesohabitat improvement, weir-removal), its effects on instream environmental key variables, and eventually the impact of changing variables on benthic algae, macrophytes, benthic invertebrates and fish.


A beeline across the green roofs of the City of London


A short video of the roofscape of London from Dusty Gedge. He writes that over the last 15 years green roofs have started to flourish making a bumblebees imaginary journey through the City one of plenty. Pollination sources are starting to abound, nectar can be harvested. Whilst at the same time all these roofs will help London to adapt to Climate Change - reducing the impact of flash storms, cooling the city, reducing air pollution and making it a better place for humans too.