Rivers by Design - updated


RESTORE's Rivers by Design guide to river restoration for land-use professionals has had a few minor changes, including an update to the table showing the benefits of river restoration in the planning and development process.

The guide shows the crucial role planners, architects and developers the crucial role they can play in river restoratation. The document explains the contexty and need for river restoration and provides guidance on planing projects to make sure sustainable development is achieved.

Fisheries survey with a boom


Early July, under cover of darkness, fish are being counted on the Thames from Oxford to Henley. Using an electric fishing boat, affectionately known as the ‘boom boat’, Environment Agency Fisheries and Sampling teams are taking part in an annual national fish survey.

On this part of the Thames the water is deep, making the normal wading technique for sampling fish out of the question and so the ‘boom boat’ is used instead.

Anode in water - boom boat fish survey, photo courtesy of John Sutton EA

Implications of provision of fish access at tidal structures for water quality and sedimentation - project report


In order for the Agency to fulfil obligations under the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and Eel Regulations, fish access facilities are being installed in tidal flaps at many sites in the lower reaches of rivers to allow the migration of elver, eel and other species between the main river or estuary and incoming tributaries and drains.

However, the operation of these fish access devices could result in potential changes in the water quality and sediment regime in the associated drains, with implications for management and maintenance regimes in these drains, and in late 2011 the Environment Agency commissioned a short study to investigate the potential for this.
The Summary and full report of a preliminary study can be found here: https://brand.environment-agency.gov.uk/mb/EpOQL3
Further information: Dr. Graeme Peirson, Evidence Directorate, Air, Land and Water Team