Rivers by Design - updated


RESTORE's Rivers by Design guide to river restoration for land-use professionals has had a few minor changes, including an update to the table showing the benefits of river restoration in the planning and development process.

The guide shows the crucial role planners, architects and developers the crucial role they can play in river restoratation. The document explains the contexty and need for river restoration and provides guidance on planing projects to make sure sustainable development is achieved.

RESTORE and NLA take to the Thames


Over 70 representatives from London’s planning and architecture sector joined RESTORE for an afternoon on the Thames in August.  The event was co-hosted and organised with New London Architecture, who work to promote London's architecture, planning and development sectors.

Rivers by Design


Rivers by Design

Rethinking development and river restoration - A guide for planners, developers, architects and landscape architects on maximising the benefits of river restoration

See wiser website for models on the relationships of restoration measures and their effect



The conceptual models are used to illustrate the relationships between three common restoration measures (riparian buffer instalment, instream mesohabitat improvement, weir-removal), its effects on instream environmental key variables, and eventually the impact of changing variables on benthic algae, macrophytes, benthic invertebrates and fish.