Heathly Catchments - managing water for flood risk


These pages are an on-line case study guide hosted on the RESTORE website. They are developed for flood risk managers. It provides examples of how to implement the environmental improvements (known as mitigation measures) set out in the Water Framework Directive (WFD). It shows that we can deliver exciting integrated solutions to improve the environment for communities and wildlife.


Room for the River as antidote to Europe’s flood woes


By Paul Brotherton

As part of a training course on river restoration sponsored by the RESTORE project, I recently visited the Waal River, a main branch of the Rhine River, flowing through the Netherlands. Here the Dutch are making ‘Room for the River’, restoring floodplains to reduce the risks of floods and creating benefits for people and nature. On the heels of recent catastrophic floods in Central Europe, this approach deserves a closer look if Europe is to meet many of its growing environmental and social policy challenges, including climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.


River restoration after June floods in Europe ?


Following  flooding across much of Europe in June the idea of integrating rivers back into their natural floodplains is being more widely discussed. An article in Spiegel Online looks at the effects of fthe flooding in Germany and asks whether governments are looking more seriously at river restoration.

A field near the town of Kamern, about 100 kilometers west of Berlin, before and after the flooding.

Photo: Spiegel Online

LIFE+ RII start!


 The LIFE+ RII project (LIFE11 ENV/IT/000243 “Riqualificazione integrata idraulico-ambientale dei RII appartenenti alla fascia pedemontana dell’Emilia Romagna”) has start its activities.

Britain in Flood


Why are planners allowing homes to be erected in the floodplain? Is the UK government doing enough to protect people from flooding? An investigative BBC Radio 4 programme looks at key flood events from 2012 and interviews three  flood management experts from the Environment Agency.

Image for Britain in Flood

Image from BBC website


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